Monday, July 25, 2005

A few digressions on GIS, art, science and creativity.

How creative is GIS nowadays?

Many years ago I was fascinated with GIS's ability to meld normal soil, geology, slope and aspect maps into one interesting model, say erosion risk for that particular area. I still retain that fascination but have never had the chance to explore that realm of the subject which I regard to be the trues genius of GIS but is rarely ever exploited by the daily practice we carry out

Meanwhile back to the home project....

Latest problem to solve has been that the HGT format SRTM data so kindly given to me does not read into GRASS so easily. Solution is to download the 15Mb tile from the Landsat path and row of south Bavaria 193-27 from the GLCF dataset next month as my download 1 gig limit may be near its peak.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

SRTM data arrives

Thanks to the kindness of Jeffrey Johnson in the States, my long awaited SRTM data has arrived. He asked me what I intended to do with it. I have small dream things I'd like to do like thermal maps like I did years back in Bangor, but the other significant "project" which is more pressing than this GIS is the care of my daughter who I am now responsible for since I lost my job. So the postings here may drop a little.

BTW pleasae send comments and feedback on this blog! Is there anyone out there reading it?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Data Quality of VMAP 0

To be honest, having overlaid the vectors on the Landsat data I am not impressed with the data quality of thesed lines. But perhaps I have been too spoiled with photogrammetric 1:1000 mapping the past few years. Working in the Microstation domain may be bad for you in thast you are closer to the GIS holy grail of extreme accuracy which is always craved but never often achieved.

Must note the existence of people who are pursuing similar projects. Benoit Veler in France is doing a GIS of the whole Alps region. Ehud Shabtai is doing a map of Tel Aviv. So goo to know I am not alone. Hopefully this home web mappign stuff spreads.....

I must thank two kind people. David Cantrell in London for his kindness in sending useful CDs to me. Additionally Jeffrey Johnson has sent me SRTM data. Thanks once again to these kind people.


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

VMAP problem solved

Today I was successful importing VMAP data into GRASS. Trouble is it is in the wrong projection. I need to reproject it nextz into my Landsat image GRASS database.

But well done Jeremy for solving this problem! Pat yourself on the back!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Back from vacation

I am back from vacation.

I am trying to solve VMAP problems now to read them into GRASS.

Not easy. Keep running into problems with importing.