Tuesday, August 23, 2005

First notes

Saw the two stars of Draco for the first time near to Lyra. Now I can spot that one.

Highlight of the night has to have been seeing the Apenning mountain chain like a wheel spoke out of the Sea of Serenity. On its edge were the crater Archimedes and at the top at 12 o'clock, the large crater Aristotle and the smaller Eudoxus.

Monday, August 22, 2005

SRTM image of Bavaria

SRTM image of Bavaria, originally uploaded by jeremyll33.

I add this to today's image display. Lovely elevation values rules file already available in GRASS.

Tonight's job is to develop the vector layers from VMAP. I shall determine the lat and long values either via the NIMA GEOTRANS software or maybe there is an easier way via a metadata file. Then finally imprt it into my GRASS GIS!

Breaking News! GRASS6.0.1 is out. Priority is to download it onto my PC.

Breaking breaking news! No the binaries for Windows are not yet available! Wait a few days!

Priority for VMAP data is to extract for the bounding rectangle enclosing our region of interest.

The extent values we need to enter into NIMAMUSE are:

north: +48.4229068
west: +9.5507659
east: +12.5572328
south: +46.4773112

in lat long wgs84 coords.

So now we download GEOTRANS from NIMA. 7 megs...takes a while.

Oh bummer coords are in dec degrees. I can't be bothered to convert so we shall live with these. We do not need accuracy at the edges anyway.

So back we go to the VPF Importer. This time equipped with the extents.

Hydrography - rivers and lakes are done.
Physiography - ice fields - useful.

As of tonight all data layers are in the GIS.

Landsat path 193 row 27 in True Colour

Last night I downloaded Bands 1 and 3 from the GLCF and today recombined them to get this beautiful true colour image of our area of interest.

I am much happier with this image and will stay with it now.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Landsat path 193 row 27

Landsat path 193 row 27, originally uploaded by jeremyll33.

Here is the full datset

Thanks are due to the Global Land Cover Facility for this source data.

Landsat path 193 row 27 - zoom Munich

This is a zoom of the data I am working on at the moment. The full dataset I show also on the page for today. You can see clearly Starnberger Lake, Ammersee , Tegernsee and Schliersee.

Thanks are due to the Global Land Cover Facility for this source data.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

At last the data are in GRASS

It is a new month and I can use up my 1 gig DSL limit and thus I imported the path row relevant SRTM scene as GeoTIFF intot he system. Problem is I have been experimenting so much I need to reorganise the datasets so that all are in one projection. Then the fun can begin.

I immediately dived into NVIZ as most GIS people who love 3d would do only to find fault in the quality of the DEM used in this case - it has stepped patterning in it and I need to research why. Ah well at least we are now in the GIS realm not just figuring how to import this stuff.

So to recap all VMAP, SRTM and Land´sat data are now downloaded and on my PC in a format useable by GRASS.