Saturday, November 05, 2005

Yesterday B. tested positive. I allowed her the dignity of testing alone but insid eI knew we had hit the spot again. I fire no blank bullets! :)

Now we have to wait three months for any possible problems, but I think we are in the clear. I need to calculate for Babycentre website the due data - B. will give me that.

It seems extremely relaxing this time, because we know the path we will tread. Last night we went to the restaurant to celebrate. Nice dark wesisbeer again! Here we are again! Wonderul thoughts spring to mind and dreams of our two children playing together in a big country house. Plans for work are all in order. I think we have to enjoy the early moments as the work gets harder later on, when B. gets heavy again. Also we have to cope again with the nausea and the pains which we will have. Me? Pain? I am a Dad and I feel them too as if they were my own.

This blog will not be published until the official three month data is passed, then it will be readable. It is a feature I apply to my other blog in GIS mapping, not publishing until the right time. Last time I felt pretty scared the whole way through but this time not. It didn't hit me (the realiity of the birth I mean) until the first "signs" and then waiting for our first little one to come out in the hospital delivery room. Then thre real fear for her and her welfare and an undescribable love took over. This time I shall be fitter for the experience and shall run at least three times per week. Purely for pleasure not competition but I may run the Munich Stadtlauf as a goal to aim towards.