Monday, December 05, 2005

New movement in this project


I have chosen to immerse myself in MapServer which I believe to be the new way forward in web GIS, over commercial systems like ArcIMS.

My data is now all prepared thanks to GRASS. We have the following:

1. Landsat data downloaded and processed in the GRASS GIS.
2. SRTM DEM data processed in the same way.
3. GNIS Global Names Server data processed using a Python script kindly sent to me by MAtthew Perry. I streamed the Germany data through but myay have to do the same for the Austria dataset. One of the exceedingly kind helpers I have had along the way.
4. VMAP. I am uncertain as to the copyright on this data. Still need to see what others are doing.

So the data is already in a special directory on my PC. I have received a few kind offers to host it and will be chasing those up when I am ready.

Next task is to get a decent HTML page up and runing to host the template for the Mapserver script file.