Monday, November 27, 2006

M33 in Triangulum

The wondwerful Triangulum galaxy M33 seen tonight in binoculars

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Following the Orion Clay Sherrod Tour

Mintaka - double star at 1 o clock. Seeing was poor. Comparison star came into view then disappeared.

Eta Orionis - at high mgnification I think I split them. I'd say they were about an angle between 2 and 3 o clock - approx 80 degrees.

Betelgeuse was a beautiful orange colour tonight

Heka - drawn in my notebook as brightest at bottom, then 3rd above then 2nd at top. Generally beautiful star field. Must return to this.

NGC 2168/2194 - a gem! Sketched star layout in notebook.

NGC 2186 - not too amazing

M76 - sketched. Nice object with two stars in middle.

M42 - beautiful. Deserves one night alone to study.

23 Orionis - nice double.

Sigma Orionis - see sketch.


M1 - Crab Neb - a BFT.


Atiks - Is the "B" star at 6 o clock beneath?

M34 - nice but not amazing

Tour ended with sight of Saturn in Leo and a meteor in Casseiopeia.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

This blog will arise from the dead!

Zero movement here last months as I have zero time but winter we will resurrect this blog! It will be back with new GIS models to try out for astronomy and horticulture!

Friday, November 10, 2006


I learned the names of some of the stars such as Shedir, Caph and Ruchbah.

M52 - pretty cluster with one bright star

M103 - 2 groups of stars seen. Left one remids me of Wild Duck Cluster

NGC 7759 - too open a cluster for the ETX.

NGC 103 - nice wide area bigger than 40mm SP eyepiece. Approx 3 times that area in size.

IC 1805 - nice but loose cluster.

Bubble Nebula - no I didnt see it.

NGC 457 - beautiful, the two brightest stars do look like the eyes of an owl!

Zeta Cass is with an equally bright star one third of the width of the 40mm eyepiece distant.

Achird is double!

Is Kappa Cass in the middle of an open cluster?


Algol - when in eclipse, use alpha Andromeda and Kappa Perseii (K) as comp stars.

Mirphak plus surrounding stars is beautiful.

Sword Handle (NGC 884/869  - each is 29 arcmin across. Spot the red stars in these clusters.

NGC 1528 - C shaped cluster

M76 - Little Dumbbell planetary nebula

M34 open cluster best seen in binoculars

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Eclipse of Algol and Orion

Betelgeuse yellow star. Rigel seen white.

Mintaka - beautiful double primary is yellow green and secondary is blue green.

Mair al Saiph - beautiful open cluster.

M42 - I saw the Trapezium for the first time. Last time it seemed hidden behind the bright single star. Nebula structure no so clear tonight.

NGC 1981 - interesting formation.

Tonight I was ablke to identify for the first time the constellations of Aries and Cetus. My sketches in my notebook indicate this.

But I think most exciting for me tonight was the first proper experience of an eclipse of Algol. A very definite dip in magnitude was seen.