Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Leo and a detailed observation of Saturn

Tonight I undertook the Guided Tour. Amid the high pooints were a view of Algeina in Leo, indeed like a paire of headlights coming at you in space. In my ETX the upper star was the brighter, whilst the dimmer star was at about 5 o clock to the main star.

M65 - BFT.

M66 - I made a crude sketch of the object in my notebook.

NGC 3628 and M95 - nope. Couldnt see.

M96 - looked like a flattened Corona Borealis. Made a sketch.

M105 - didnt see.

M35 - ├╝retty open cluster in Gemini, similar in style to M36,37,38 in Auriga.

View of M44 rounded off a productive night. Afterwards some naked eye exploring was undertaken. Checking the sky maps later I had identified Alphard in Hydra and Spica in Virgo.

What follows are the notes I made following a detailed examination of Saturn, its rings and satellites. A sketch exists in my loose leaf binder of the night's observation, must scan that in.

  1. Cassini Division seen both sides.
  2. Left side inner and outer rings same brightness.
  3. Right side outer ring slightly darker than inner.
  4. Belt seen on main planet body halfway down at equator.
  5. Shadow of ring seen clearly on planet body.
  6. First moon at 12 o'clock of planet in angle.
  7. 2nd moon at 3 o'clock of plant but further away.
  8. 3rd moon very faint, close to planet at 4 o'clock. (these moon location were latzer checked on the web)
  9. Angle is as displayed in sketch (scan diagram in!)

So with observations of Algeiba and 4 new Messiers, and a systematic observation of Saturn, it was a successful night.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Rebuild of the GIS

Right...everything rebuilt, GRASS installed, Vmap0 back on disk, layers extracted!

Bigger area defined at E-W extent -10 to 15 degrees and N-S extent 60 down to 45