Monday, March 12, 2007

Roaming Ursa Major and Coma Berenices

Must add that tonight the seeing was awful.

Ursa Major

Mizar and Alcor - in the binoculars it is easy to see the double but to see in the ETX the extra double is really beautiful.

M51 - A BFT with a star in the middle.

M101 - A BFT in my scope.

NGC2641 - An elliptical blob with stars visible within.

M82 - definite elongated structure discernible in this beautiful object.

M109 - couldn't find it. Not visible.

M108 - BFT

M97 - Owl Nebula . very large BFT.

Coma Berenices

I think I noted the asterism Melotte 111 which is a beautiful open gathering of stars located sort of on the backside of Leo.

M53 - nice globular cluster.

M64 - Black Eye Galaxy. Nice onject. Stars visible.

M85 - very small BFT.

M88 - not visible.

M91 - not visible.

M98 - not visible.

M99 - not visible.

M100 - not visible.

To be honest I do not think it was dark enough tonight to see these objects.

NGC4565 - BFT.

Today I emptied one compost bin and transferred all the sheep poo to the two new beds. photos soon.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hunting with the Lion and the Herdsman Böotes

To start with a prior diversion was made to Sextans to spot NGC3115.


Then to the much wanted Algeiba in Leo. After several attempts I managed to resolve this double yellow in my 15mm eyepiece. R Leonis - I believe I found it but still need to consult the star charts my wife printed out for me to make some kind of start with variable stars. I understand it is one of the easiest to get started with. Additionally Dr Clay says that R UMa is also an easy similar star to observe over a period. At the moment these stars are in favourable postitions for my back garden. Studying variables has been an aim of mine since I saw Colin Henshaw doing it in the Arabian desert in 1998. My present loosely defined project is to spot all the Messier objects over the course of a year or so, though not striclty focussing on the list and diverting to interesting variables or doubles as I find them, additionally NGC objects also.

M65 - elongated north south oriented blob.

M65, M66, M95, M96 - all BFTs on my ETX125. Not the sexiest objects up there in my scope!

M105 - BFT with a star in the middle.

NGC2903 - fuzzy bigger blob than the others previously observed.


Eps Böotis - I spotted a small red star at 4 o clock to the main star.

Xi Böo - no didnt spot it.

M64 - is this a globular cluster? Can someone corroborate this?

M85, M88 - BFT

M98, M99, M100 - didnt see.

M100 - very faint BFT.

Now we come to the highlight of the night after admittedly not the most exciting spotting of fuzzy patches in the sky, the totally unexpected beauty of M3 and M5 and the first two of the spring harvest of globular clusters. Glowing profusely in the dark, both were absolutely beautiful objects in my scope. No stars were discernible however.

M13 - couldnt see as there was a house in the way of the view.

All in all, I would say that Algeiba M3 and M5 were the highlights of the night.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Seeds sown so far

Here is a list of the seed packets I sowed a few days ago:

Ipomoea Tridor
Cosmos bipinnatus

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Laid new veg bed borders

Today I laid new borders for my new veg beds using the joists Luis gave me.Hope to get a pic of them soon


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

An observation of Jupiter

A sketch was made.

Middle and upper belt easy to see. Lower belt not so distinguishable.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Garden season starts

Yesterday (Sunday) strated to dig the new veg beds. Must write down which they are.

Bought expensive Hortensia (Expensia) from Tegernsee from two wiimin. Made a list of German plant names to translate here.

Today (Monday) Sowed lots of seeds I bought in Aldi and Penny and had from the previous tenant in this house.