Friday, April 20, 2007

Saw one meteor tonight at 23:50 long maybe 2nd magnitude. Started just above head of Draco left to right across to Cor Borealis. Was it a Lyrid?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ring Tail Galaxy NGC 4038 in Corvus seen. I made a sketch in my book for later identification.

M49 - round BFT with a bright centre.

M58 - only possible to see with averted vision.

M59 - BFT

M60 - BFT. Not a show stopper.

M61 - BFT.

M84 and M86 - pretty formation. They form two angles of an isoceles triangle. Sketch made.

M87 - BFT.

M89 - Not much to see.

M90 - dull object.

M104 - Sombrero Galaxy - elliptical shape in a 10 o clock to 4 o clock orienmtation, but no dark lane seen.

To be honmest I found wandering the Virgo Galaxy group unimpressive.


M13 - Beautiful

M91 - also beautiful. Smaller but brighter.

M3 - bigger, same magnitude as M!3

M5 - behind a tree!Discovered the constellation of Serpens. In general I find globular clusters more beautiful then galaxies.