Friday, February 08, 2008

Can't wait till gardening season starts

The last week has been rough here indoors. Wife has been away with her job two days and I have had the kids alone, no kindergarten for eldest, and a tummy bug or something. Weather ice cold outside and nothing coming except the first snowdrops and the catkins on our two willows which give small optimism. "The green shoots of recovery"as that pomp Norman Lamont used to say when we were in recession in Britain in the 90s.

Cookery and gartening, the two things which give pleasure have been off the list. The whole week has been stress of the lowest order.

Upcoming is a trip to Vivo to dump off old wood and to snoop round the fleamrket to buy more stuff. I've told Wife if ever we get burgled they'll either find stuff which we've bought from Vivo fleamarket or additionally stuff which is waiting to be dumped there!

The guys know me well now as the "Crazy Englander" who always looks for old gerden plant pots and stuff for his garden. I have printed off some nice shots of last years garden and will put them on the web for those interested.

The most exciting piece of news came in an email last night. It's a development known as a "sonnenacker" and it is a kind of German tiny allotment where you get a small strip of soil to cultivate 0.75m wide by 100m long. So given my existing 15 square metres of veg bed this would mean I get 100 sq m to cultivate. Or rather, yet more food for the slugs....