Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not so Trivial

Oil change in garege near vivo was the ideal excuse to bring hom a Pentium III motherboard and assorted PC cards, two wooden boxes to use as planters next spring, two nice kids books, an Aquarium game similar to the one I loved as a kid - little fishing rods and magnets pull out "fish", and Trivial Pursuit! All there! However it's in German so the odds are against me. This gives me a fair fight against the wife who admits hasn't such widespread knowledge as me (not that mine is of much use though). Could be some interesting battles. Nelieve it or not I never ever played it.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Another tonne on the garden

Following the sgort back and sides of the hedge the last week I purchased a tonne of compost to spread on the base of the hedge, as recommended in Gardeners World recently.

The rest went on a new lawn patch up job, all fenced off to stop the babies running over it. Just then a huge hailstorm came and washed all my new soil into a small lake in the garden. So it goes.

By the bins

Near the plastic recycling bins there are often goodies and I just so happened to find a wonderful large plastic bin for our plastic yesterday.

Vivo had nothing today. Bought a tonne of compost and spread it on the garden.

Ooer! I've just brutted me nuts!

According to the RHS Encyclopedia of Gardening there's an ancent technique known as brutting of hazel trees to produce more nuts. I have one wonderful tree in my garden which has only produce one small bunch this year and I'd like more. So out I went to brut them! You snap off the last one foot length of tree and hopefully it promotes the growth of female flowers.

I've takan a pic of what I've done here.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Focaccia...or is it Foccaccia?

Well last night was cabbage soup from the allotment buled out with some Italian bread made as per usual method of yeast, water, olive oil, salt, sugar and organic flour but with the difference of three longs sprigs of rosemary from the garden, and simply flattening it out on a baking tray in the oven. Looked good. On its own it's a bit dull but with nice cheese like Gruyere it tastes great.

My wife has named it Kaka Bread though. Kaka is German for poo.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's get wombling!

Viva Vivo!

This blog details what I now acknowledge to be a large part of my life, recycling and reusing discarded stuff. For the non Brits Wombling is the term used by those architects of recycling "The Wombles" who graced our childhood screens in the 70s.

You see for me recycling is a huge part of my day to day life. Much of it revolves round the local recycling centre Vivo here in southern Germany. I can dump a whole trailer full of garden waste for free at this place, and purchase cheaply compost and topsoil for the garden. It also has another facility where you can purchase stuff from a flea market. So far here is a list of my trophies. On the conveyor belt tonight....

- a telescope
- a family tent (used in Corsica this year)
- rainwater barrels
- computers and old parts like fans
- paraffin lamps for those romantic evenings out in the garden
- a blackboard for the kids
- lots of cuddly toys for the kids
- loads of puzzles and memory games. Pity I haven't got one (a memory)
- the old boardgame Diplomacy
- an old fashioned paraffin lamp (anyone remember using them in the '73 oil crisis powercuts and how exciting it was to a child then?)
- a food processor
- two rattan wickerwork chairs for the conservatory
- lots of huge plant pots thrown in the building waste skip

In addition, when I have recycled our plastic, I've found fantastic items the rich ones have no more use for:

- a cafetiere - just one dishwash away from reusability
- a wonderful glass fruit bowl. Sadly smashed by two year old.
- a crock pot for those winter stews
- a garden strimmer - bit dubious this one as it may not work properly.
- an old terrarium - ideal for propagating plants next spring
- a set of excellent speakers which now give my PC sound, by the bins

Anyone else into this activity?

Frozen Assets

Well thanks to me Mum who was out here the freezer is now chock full of stuff to eat in winter.

We've got broccoli, fennel bulb, beans, cabbage (loads of that), and courgettes all blanched, bagged and labelled carefully awaiting the work in winter. Couldnt have done it woithout the help of my Mum who gave me a book "will it freeze?" which shows exactly what to do for each vegetable.