Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Online Shakespeare Company

Right here it is. It's been gestating in my mind for a few weeks, and the article on the web about the Youtube orchestra brought it to the fore. I've also been playing with Audacity recently and wondered if it might be customised to fit the idea.

A few years ago I found this old book at my local recycling centre. The Complete Works of Shakespeare. Upon opening it however I found myself wanting to grasp the plays but unable to without hearing them. At school I used to study plays like The Merchant of Venice and we used to read the parts in class taking our turns. Today as an adult of course that's not possible.

Can it be possible to record one's own voice as "dry" as possible (in sound recording terms) at home speaking snippets of Shakey's plays into a microphone, then sort of stick it all together inside a software programme like Audacity? I'm aware that the snippes are written in XML so I feel sure some database whizz could stick something together. Perhaps people might compete with each other for verious parts and then it gets downloaded as one continuous stream of play.

Just an idea to throw out there. If someone takes it up do so with my blessing but simply say I thought of it!

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