Monday, February 09, 2009

The biggest pile of crap I've ever read

Literally! Am half way through this fascinating ebook. All about recycling poo! He makes a convincing case for them, but they aren't yet possible for me to set up at home.

When the shit hits the fan and the global crisis reaches its nadir, we're going to have to first harvest our own drinking water then dispose of it safely. For that I'd check out the following:

Input: drinking water from rainwater

Output: pee and poo!

Two weeks and no movement!

Was lucky to be nordic skiing on the Loipe today after a very sedentray, enervating and depressing two weeks of sick children who are back to health. I've been weighing myself throughout that time and following the trend to see if "sedentarism" - a term I'll coin to denote static lifestyles - impacts upon one's weight. And sure enough, it does. Check the end of this month. Last two weeks stuck indoors with no exercise. That's what it does to you. Spectacular falls following Christmas, then an abrupt halt. An object lesson that we must keep moving.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Can my chimney generate electricity?

Here's a thought. The wood fires I burn all of course send smoke through my chimney. That of course is a current of hot air. Now is it possible to either:

1. Install a fireproof wind turbine inside the chimney to spin using the generated hot air or,

2. Perhaps fit a horizontal "Savionius" turbine on the top of the chimney which could use not only hot air from the fire but also any wind in the locality.

Has anyone thought about this? That's a load of free moving hot air which is being wasted.

My wombling days are over.....

This morning I bein' an early riser at the moment popped down to Vivo our recycling centre to get new bins. They'd left notes on them to say they were "defekt" so in I went. Paid up then went to the fleamarket. There's a fantastic electric bin where I've dug out loads of old computers, plugs and stuff. Much of it ended up back inthere when I got home and found it to be real rubbish but some gems I kept like an old computer. Imagine my dismay this morning when I saw a note forbidding people taking stuff out of it. There's a new regime there which isnt as firendly as it used to be., We've done well out of there. A cheap food processor for example which is pressed into service almost every day, and a free tent with whch we went to Corsica! So it seems that those good old days are over. Sad.